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Are you a new driver? Confused about buying, maintaining or driving rules? Ask someone who’s been living cars all her life. Shelby Fix, The Car Coach 2.0™, focuses on driving topics that affect young drivers. Like her mother, automotive expert Lauren Fix, Shelby’s experience is in car care, repair, safety, buying, selling, and driving, all with a unique eye toward the inexperienced driver. Shelby Fix is named after famed Carroll Shelby, the racer, marketing and car builder.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is The Car Coach 2.0™?


Shelby Fix, The Car Coach 2.0,™ is the daughter of The Car Coach,® Lauren Fix, a nationally recognized automotive expert in car care, repair, safety issues, buying and selling new and used vehicles, and driving skills. She inherited her love of all things automotive from her mother and father, who own a manufacturing business and who restore and race cars. Shelby has been involved with her family’s passion since she was a child and has been advising drivers for several years. Shelby Fix has an amazing “trust” and “credibility” connection with teen viewers and new drivers everywhere.



What is her journalism/broadcast experience?

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Shelby has contributed her talents about cars to radio, television and web content, including but not limited to FOX News, CNN International, Channel One News, several print articles in national magazines, and regional news programs in Detroit, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She is also the youngest registered member of the International Motor Press Association (IMPA), an esteemed organization based in New York City that is comprised of some of the top automotive journalists and industry luminaries.

Shelby has worked with Midas, Skip-Barber New Driver Program, and other companies to educate teens and young drivers. She is co-writing a book with her mother about new teen drivers, currently called “100 Things Driver’s Ed Didn’t Teach You”, and is a new driver who has been involved in go-karting and professional racing with her family her whole life. Shelby is the perfect “go-to” girl for teens to get their automotive safety information and knowledge.



Can I see examples of Shelby’s work?

Follow the links below for examples of Shelby’s work on TV and in print:





Can I hire Shelby?

Yes! Shelby is available for hire as a keynote speaker, spokesperson, media guest, teen educator, etc.

Let’s talk! Please use the contact information on the right to get in touch.



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Shelby Fix

  • The Car Coach 2.0™ educates teenagers and young adults across the U.S. about
    proper car care and driving skills.

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