Study of the Most Ticketed Vehicles

The Most Frequently Ticketed Vehicles & The Least Frequently Ticketed Vehicles

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A recent study puts Hummer H2s and H3s at the top of the list of most ticketed vehicles. Look below for the full list of the top ten most and least ticketed vehicles.

A study run by some brainy folk over in California about the most and least ticketed of all vehicles reinforces rather obvious stereotypes: Hummer owners typically drive like douchebags, whereas those people piloting Park Avenues have no discernible pulse.

The study was nationwide during a 12-month period, over which about 1.7 million vehicles were ticketed.

The ten most ticketed vehicles, in order from most ticketed to least:

1.) Hummer H2, H3
2.) Scion tC
3.) Scion xB
4.) Mercedes CLK63 AMG
5.) Toyota Solara Coupe
6.) Mercedes CLS63 AMG
7.) Scion xA
8.) Subaru Outback
9.) Audi A4
10.) Toyota Matrix

Oh Hummer, why must you consume our pocketbooks? We love you when you run over things, play in the water or transform into a mysterious quasi-governmental robot. With the price of gas coming down, things between us have been more livable, but we just can’t afford your ravenous addiction to money now that you’ve got this stack of tickets stuck to you like singles to a stripper. Maybe this is why GM is trying to off you.

Now for the other side of the predatory policing coin.

The ten least ticketed vehicles in the country, this time from least ticketed to most:

1.) Jaguar XJ
2.) Chevrolet Suburban
3.) Chevrolet Tahoe
4.) Chevrolet C/K 2500/3500 pickup
5.) Buick Park Avenue
6.) Mazda 6
7.) Buick Ranier SUV
8.) Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan
9.) Buick Lucerne
10.) GMC Sierra C1500 pickup

Buicks, Olds and big Chevys? Shocker. It looks like Grandma watches her P’s and Q’s out there on the motorways. An interesting side note: Chevy Tahoes and Hummer H2s are basically the same vehicle mechanically — why the huge difference? Could it be mini-Shaft syndrome? Inquiring minds want to know.

Love Your Car,

Lauren Fix

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