Teen Car Care Clinic with Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®

Teen Car Care Clinic with Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®

Posted on August 9th, 2010 by I-95, U-405


Lauren Fix, aka The Car Coach, has appeared numerous times on Oprah, TODAY, The View, CNN, FOX News, ABC 20/20, and more.  She is a winning professional race car driver, an alpha mom, and an award-winning automotive and lifestyle expert.  She is holding a teen car care clinic tomorrow, August 10 in Los Angeles at the Midas Shop on Figueroa St. The details are below, but the following is a brief Q&A I had with Ms. Fix:

Q & A with Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®

Q: Please give us a quick synopsis of yourself (aside from your credentials, a fun fact). Also, why do you think teens respond well to what you have to say?

A: I’ve always been passionate about cars. We even named our daughter Shelby, and I raced while pregnant with both kids–Shelby in a Mustang and Paul in a REAL 1963 Cobra. Once the race officials found out, they created a new GCR (general competition rule) that you can’t race while pregnant. Now does that apply once you think you are pregnant, when a doctor tells you, an EPT test, or when you feel like telling the world? Hmmm.

I believe that teens respond to me because I’m not their parents or am not what they expect. I can talk cars, and I follow the music and culture that they live everyday. I also have 2 teen drivers and we talk about cars and teens every day.

Q: What are the biggest misconceptions teenagers have before they start driving?

A: They are so excited about the freedom that they forget there are responsibilities too. They also believe that they can multi-task behind the wheel as they do with other parts of their lives, because being connected to their friends is important and a large part of their social life. What drivers ed teaches them is to pass the test and not to learn the basics of the “what if’s” that happen when they least expect it.

Q: In your opinion, what are the three biggest mistakes teenagers make when they first learn to drive?

A: They spend too much time worrying about the music, they don’t watch the road far enough ahead to make good decisions, and they get over confident in their driving decisions without the experience to back it up!

Q: How is driving in L.A. different than driving in other cities? What tips do you have for teenagers for driving specifically in this town?

A: Driving in Los Angeles requires patience and being aware.  Most cities have some form of rush hour traffic, but LA and NYC are special as there are so many drivers. You should give yourself enough room between you and the next car and not worry if someone squeezes in–keep a good space between vehicles.  Also, looking ahead to see what traffic is doing and having patience are key to safer driving in LA.

Q: Any non-cliché advice you can impart to teenagers? Something they haven’t heard before that might resonate rather than elicit eye rolls?

A: Visual skills are more than seeing where you are going.  Looking farther ahead and always looking for an escape route will keep you on the road to where you need to go. Also, remember “CAR-MA” – what comes around goes around and if you give someone space or a break, they will give you one in return.



WHAT: Teen car crashes account for up to 44 percent of all teen deaths, making it the number one cause of teen deaths in the United States, according to the National Safety Council. Recognizing that the majority of car accidents are highly preventable, Midas has teamed with nationally noted automotive expert, Lauren Fix,the Car Coach, to host interactive Teen Car Care Clinics to educate teens and parents on how to maintain a safe vehicle, become a safer driver and share useful safety tips that teens aren’t taught in Driver’s Ed.

Open to the public, each Teen Car Care Clinic will feature a hands-on demonstration by Lauren Fix, offering participants the chance to learn how to properly perform important tests and vehicle checks.

WHY: Los Angeles franchisees realize that there is a void for safe driving resources available to teens – the Teen Car Care Clinics are a great way for Midas to provide teens and parents valuable driving and safety information that can help teens become safer drivers.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

WHO: Midas with support from Lauren Fix, The Car Coach

WHERE: Midas Shop, 2424 South Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA


-Car Coach Lauren Fix leading a hands-on demonstration of vehicle safety checks

-Teens and parents exploring their vehicles for safe equipment and instruments

-Interviews with Lauren Fix about her involvement with Midas and the Teen Car Care Clinics

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