Winter Readiness Tips From Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®

Winter Readiness Tips From Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®

Winter’s extreme weather conditions can take a serious toll on your car and its value.  Taking the time now to properly maintain your vehicle will not only ensure that it will run more efficiently, it will be safer and could last up to 50 percent longer too. Here’s some tips to keep you on the safe road:

Changed your oil lately?

royal purple filter

What if you could wait till 12,000 do change your oil?  NOW YOU CAN with Royal Purple’s new filter – that’s what impressed me the most.  Royal Purple filters are fully compatible with all synthetic and conventional oils. However I recommend PURE synthetic oil only.

Follow vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals and oil types. All warranties remain in effect when using Royal Purple filters. Filter change intervals may be extended up to 12,000 miles for vehicles no longer under warranty, which are in good mechanical condition and which operate under optimal driving conditions.

Stay Warm – Heating / Cooling System

Now one thing often overlooked when the temperature dips is your car’s heating/cooling system.  That’s why it’s important to check your antifreeze.  If there is too much water in the radiator and not enough antifreeze, the mixture could freeze up, expand and do some serious damage to the engine.  So, the right mixture of antifreeze and water will help protect against freezing.

Seeing Clearer


This is also the time to change your windshield wipers and your headlights.  Headlights dim up to 20 percent over time so change them in pairs before they burn out. Now is the perfect time to replace your bulbs, before the winter weather really sets in.  Replacing your headlights will give you better stopping distance/reaction time as a benefit to the farther because a wider brighter will allow you to see the road clearer.

Sylvania offers premium bulbs like its SilverStar ULTRA headlights which are up to 50 percent brighter, increase down road visibility by up to 40 percent and side road visibility by up to 50 percent when compared to worn standard bulbs. These bulbs really help improve stopping distance and reaction time.


Driving Safer With Winter Tires

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But of course there’s more to winter driving than engine performance- what makes many people uncomfortable driving on snow or ice is that feeling of loss of control.  There are some simple things you can do to your vehicle to increase your confidence behind the wheel.  One of the most commonly overlooked pieces of equipment on any vehicle are its tires. These four things are what keep you in contact with the road and that’s where winter tires can help. Winter tires can make a dramatic difference on snow and ice when compared to the all-season tires many people traditionally use.
If you need new tires – use the internet to educate yourself and get competitive tire prices. Also remember to check your tire pressure once a month.

Protect Your Investment


The FBI recently unveiled a study stating that the most stolen electronic item is the GPS unit – thefts are up 700%.  Hiding your GPS unit under your seat or in the glovebox might fool a few criminals, but all they have to do is look at the telltale suction ring on your windshield to know you’ve got something stowed away inside the car.  Here’s a CAR SMARTS® solution: Who-Rae GPS Maplock – Locks to Protect Your GPS.  Protect the violation of a broken window and the convenience of leaving your GPS in it place.  Who-Rae’s Maplock secures your portable GPS to the steering wheel, preventing thieves from smashing your window to look for it.  For $50 it’s one of the hottest ways to protect your GPS unit.


There are some other little things you can do to prepare in case all these tips fail and you still find yourself stranded in winter conditions.

Use your owner’s manual to perform basic maintenance and don’t wait on those check engine lights.

Carry an emergency safety kit that will have items that will  help get you back on the road at all times. Need an emergency kit for your family? Check out my store.


The SECRET To A Safe Winter – See and be seen!

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