Wireless Updates for Drivers: Making Life Easier for the Consumer

by Chris Jagielski

(image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)
(image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

We all dread that moment we get mail from our dealership telling us we have a software update. Making time out of our busy day to sit in the waiting area is never something to enjoy. But Ford has announced, with their new Sync 3 infotainment system, they will be performing wireless updates.

These updates work once the owners (ourselves) connect their infotainment system to their Wi-Fi network. Once this is done, the system will detect updates and ask if we would like to initiate a download. The infotainment system’s hard drive will be large enough to store numerous updates and features, similar to that of a phone or computer.

Once the owner performs the initial connection/download, they can give permission to let Microsoft Azure, a new cloud service, automatically download updates when the system detects your Wi-Fi connection.

And yes, I did say Microsoft. Even though BlackBerry is taking over the actual Sync 3 system, the cloud will be under Microsoft’s control. This is a good team combination, in my opinion, as Microsoft and BlackBerry have experience in the technology business.

Not only will consumers be able to update their systems from their Wi-Fi connection, dealerships are planning on installing Wi-Fi transmitters in their lots so the cars will be sold with the most up-to-date version of software.

Now, Ford is not the first to do this, but this shows that more and more companies are beginning to go wireless – making life easier for consumers. Tesla is known for its Wi-Fi updates, as are many other brands.

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